Friday, December 25, 2009


Breaking News: *Bruno Guilty on Two Counts* Both of the counts are in connection with Bruno's relationship with businessman Jared Abbruzzese *** Bruno Gulity On 2 Of 8 Counts (Updated) ***Bruno found guilty on 2 counts (TU) *** Bruno, Former Albany Leader, Convicted of Corruption (NYT) . . .
Count 4:
From March 2004 through November 2004 Bruno or his consulting firm received 11 payments from companies controlled by Jared E. Abbruzzese of Loudonville. Bruno allegedly did not perform legitimate work for the Abbruzzese companies, Communication Technology Advisors LLC and Capital & Technology Advisors LLC, and the payments were in effect gifts and Count 8: Bruno failed to disclose his participation through Mountain View Farm in a partnership with Abbruzzese involving thoroughbred race horses. The charge alleges Bruno received a check from Abbruzzese's company, Bazaguma LLC, on Nov. 17, 2005 . . . Bruno, the former top Republican in New York State, is facing up to 20 years for each count and a $250,000 fine after being convicted of two felony counts.

Pay to Play Bruno Bruno trial jurors say state disclosure laws are a joke. (TU) *** Joseph Bruno corruption case revives debate of full-time vs. part-time legislators *** Court ruling could let Bruno & Seminerio off the hook*** Lobbyist, Monitor Thyself

Bruno and the Mob Mark Congi the now-former union boss had pleaded “guilty to racketeering conspiracy in August for his role in a campaign of extortion and violence – including a 1997 firebombing – meant to pressure contractors into hiring the union’s laborers.” Congi said at the Bruno trial that union's business agent Michael Quarcini felt the more money they placed with Wright Investors Service (Bruno company), the more help they'd get from Bruno. The level of corruption in Albany has noting to do with campaign discloses. The elected officials now become partners with corporatons they help get benefits for in Albany for a pay to play payback Former Liberal Party leader Ray Harding sold his parties ballot line to Hevesi in exchange for 800,000 in pension work. Seminerio made the hospitals who he was helping get state aid pay him over two million in consultant fees and got jobs for his friends with the LIRR . Brian McLaughlin took from the union, government and even the little league

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