Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Daily News

Daily News's Middle Class Schizophrenia It is no wonder the Daily News has lost 14% of its circulation in the last 6 months. Some days the editorials shout they are for keeping keeping the middle class in the city and others they attack the NY Court of Appeals for siding with the middle class tenants against being push out of building they have been living in for decades just so corporate owners can make a profit from the high pre Wall Street melt down prices they purchased they building for. The News Should be hitting Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac for giving the owners of Stuy town 1.5 billion or hit the owners for using their political power to waste middle class pension funds. Which is more important keeping the world of speculators who buy middle class building going or keeping 540,000 reads? A court out of control: Jurists impose their screwy judgment on city's rent rules ***

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