Saturday, November 28, 2009

Slush Fund

Massive Lobbyist Scandal at City Hall

Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up

Legalizing Pay to Play

Quinn's Con Game

Cover Up At City Hall Continues

Quinn's Democracy?
The city has not increased it payment to the MTA despite rising costs since the Giuliani administration. Copenhagen Mike see the bus pass crisis as a way to implement congestion pricing Seeing Politics in Plan to Cut Student Transit Aid. Sen. Brian Foley proposes a way to cut the MTA payroll tax, as the agency faces massive deficits. (Newsday$). Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, denounced the authority’s decision-making as “undemocratic.” Would it be democratic for the city to pay it fair share of the student's bus pass costs? She did not mention at her press conference or was not asked by our aggressive press about former Councilman Martinez statement "I was able to engage in these schemes because I was a New York City councilman." after he got 5 Years for Stealing $100,000 The press enables corrupt in the council when it allows the pols to continue their version of the cop's "Blue Wall of Silence," about corruption in their ranks. “Martinez betrayed his office and violated his oath of office, and did so over a prolonged period of time,” the Judge Crotty said. Would it be interesting to know what the speaker feels about Martinez and the dozens of other councilmembers who used the city's slush fund and member items to pay family members and get themselves elected. The City Council Dishonor Roll - The Shame of New York * Ex-Councilman Miguel Martinez Sentenced to 5 Years in Theft of $106,000 (NYT) From True News: Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up * Cover Up At City Hall Continues * Controlling the News: What Happen to the Council Slush Fund Investigation?]

Kill Their Lawyers Why are New Yorkers paying for lawyers the council hired last year to protect them bums from the federal slush fund investigation. By reading the press you would not even know there was an ongoing investigation of the council. Controlling the News: What Happen to the Council Slush Fund Investigation? Now there a push to cut the crumbs, what a joke Push to nix pay perks in council

Anyone for A City Council Member Item Slush Fund Investigation?

Corruption Non Starter

If we have to depend on the City's DA to end political corruption that wait will be very long in parts of the city. The corruption comes from the same elected officials and political machines who get the DA elected. If Troopergate was not the clearest sign that we need independent prosecutors to end corruption how about the fact that the Queens and Bronx DA have never had a corruption trial. All the pols put into jail in there boroughs have be done so by the feds. Not one DA has send a council member to jail for using member items to help themselves and family member. The Feds have. Taking out the political trash: Thanks to DA Cy Vance, N.Y. could get a real public corruption law * Federal Judge to Sentence Joseph Bruno in Fraud Case

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