Sunday, January 3, 2010

Albany Pols

McDonalds No: Pay to Play Institutionalized Extortion in Albany Today's NYP says Nearly half of Albany's pols have 2nd jobs. Not to mention wives, children or other family members on the government payroll or working for those funded by government. None of these people are flipping fries at McDonalds. There working at jobs they got by using their elective office as the pleas of Brian Mclaughlin and Tony Seminario and trial of Bruno prove. "Former state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno allegedly pitched a friend Jared Abbruzzese on a $30,000-a-month consultant job because he saw Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver making big bucks as a lawyer -- and he too wanted in on the side-gig action. "He started talking about Sheldon Silver and how Sheldon Silver was getting paid 40, 50, 60 thousand a month from the trial lawyers association," Abbruzzese, whose relationship with Bruno kicked off a far-flung FBI probe, said on the stand Pal says Bruno wanted his own 'Shel game', Clients really do Shel out $$ , Joe Bruno golf outing with Cablevision's Jim Dolan may have derailed West Side Stadium plan

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