Sunday, January 3, 2010

bank deutsche

Council Wimps, What Mob? The council ignores the real reason for the death of two firefighter at the Deutsche Bank by passing meaningless laws that will not solve the problem. In the last several months we have been told of organized crime involvement in both the contractors taking down the Deutsche Bank and the NYC Building Department which is responsible for regulation them. What is the council answer to this problem passing a bill that prevents building crews from performing demolitions at the same time as asbestos abatement. In New York is your a legislator it OK to ignore reality, because the public reelects you no matter how you behave. In the city and Albany Not I, Said the New York Senate As New York State’s money supply runs down, its senators need to start taking real actions instead of hiding from reality New York's debt level of $64.8 billion is higher than ever The Capital of the Mob World Former Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Corruption in Crane Operators’ Union

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