Saturday, January 23, 2010

weakng Editorial

Editorial Boards Get No Respect

NYT Begs Albany to Change Again and Again At least there doing it on a regular basis now One Star for Ethics Reform The reforms proposed by Senator John Sampson, the Democratic leader in the State Senate, and the Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, would inevitably get the best-we-can-do-at-the-moment label. That’s not good enough (NYT Ed) True News has point out that the NYT editorials on Albany always fall on deft ears The Audacity of Bruno's Corruption: Editorial Board Outrage Over the Years Leads Nowhere

NYP Begs for Charter Schools . . . Albany Ignores A special session to act on charter schools ended last night with no action. David Paterson and others ripped a bill proposed by Democratic legislative leaders, but the two houses of the legislature didn’t consider that bill or one submitted by Paterson. (TU/GNS) *Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the application for federal funding could be “undermined by legislative shell games,” and some parents are angry with the lack of action. (NYT/NYP) ** Parents rage at Albany over charter-busting bill (NYP) *** The education gap hits home (NYP) *** Whither Merryl control? (NYP Ed) ***Teacher unions are big spenders on campus *** NY Regents are board stiffs: study *** School Plan for U.S. Aid Gets No Vote in Albany *** Mayor Bloomberg rips charter school bill for insulting Martin Luther King, but signs off on it *** NY Legislature rejects charter school bill (WABC) *** Senate spat as Republicans frustrate adjournment on charter schools (TU) *** The charter school bill has to be passed by 4:30 p.m. today *** Teachers unions spent $5 million lobbying and campaign contributions last year. (NYP) *** Obama will expand the Race to the Top program by $1.35 billion. (WP) *** Paterson accused lawmakers of "elitist sophistry" and scolded them for setting a bad example for the state's school children *** "It's sending a negative message to Arne Duncan and the U.S. Department of Education that we're going to control the growth and location of charter schools, if we allow them to be created at all," said top Paterson aide Larry Schwartz. (Jacob Gershman at WSJ!) *** The Sharpton to Ford: "Get in the damn car." *** Nolan: Charter Bill 'Dead' (Updated)

Daily News Begs Thompson to Change
Throw down the gauntlet, Dave: The budget speech Gov. Paterson should give What the DN does not get is that the gov always changes or flip flops Gov Broken Field Daily Senate Flip Flops Paterson’s Ford flip (Tuesday, Jan 12) Today's NYT Now Paterson Supports a Ford Senate Bid "Paterson says there is no reason why Harold E. Ford Jr. should not run for a Senate seat, two days after suggesting that he find another state to mount a campaign." (Wednesday, Jan 13th) * Paterson Uses The 'C' Word Paterson today referred to former Harold Ford as a "carpetbagger" and suggested

More Broken Field Gov Run: In 2010-2011 executive budget by
the governor who once said he was dead set against more tax increases
and then slowly but surely walked that back.
Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

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