Friday, January 1, 2010

Albany's Pay to Play Collection Agency

Albany's Pay to Play Collection Agency As the new legislative session starts it time for incumbents most who are never challenged to raise money and the lobbyist working for special interests to buy their votes. To bad there is no dysfunctionalism when it comes to raising money, only in governing the state competently Old Habits Die Hard * Schneiderman Raises, With DiNapoli * Tell Congress: Make Fair Elections a Priority in 2010

Incumbent TV
The state legislature will launch C-SPAN style channels in January. C-SPAN has independent journalist that devote a large amount of time to callers opinions. All the pols and jack asses in the clueless good government groups are talking about is increasing what gets covered on the Legislature cable TV station. With there member items Albany has used the government budget to get reelected and for personal pocket cash. Now they are onto corrupting journalism and good government groups who have failed to achieve any real reforms in decades in Albany are waving them in to corrupt freedom of the press. Unreal

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