Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ethic Battle Continues
Slimeball ethics: Legislators turned ethics bill into just another cynical political ploy *The Governor the Legislature and Reform (Queens Tribune *** Dreams of Taking the N to LaGuardia (Second Avenue Sagas)

Gov Lays A Trap for Albany

The Rules Don't Apply Politics: A Culture of We Can Do What We Want

The Rules Don't Apply Politics
A Culture of We Can Do What We Want

The big picture here is that pols treat government as if it is their candy story. As New Yorkers suffer through the highest unemployment rate in decades, business and stores close and move out to escape high taxes, it seems the culture of Pay to Play among this new generation of pols has not only increased but embolden with a total lack of ethics.

Pay to Play Albany Floyd Flake's friends

Why Are We Electing These Bums? Nothing on Creating Jobs or Attracting Business to the City

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